What is Electric Turbo?

  Rapidly developing technology causes continuous, non-stationary innovations in all sectors. One of them is related to the turbo systems in the vehicles. In this respect, one of the issues that has been on the agenda recently is electric turbos. The use of electric turbo in vehicles is among the projects that are still ongoing by automobile manufacturers. Thus, in the coming years, electric powered turbos will be seen more frequently in vehicles. In contrast, Audi currently uses the electric turbo option in some of its models. Before moving on to the electric motor, it is necessary to give information about the turbo. The engines in the vehicles make air intake. Turbos allow the engine to absorb more air at this point. Thus, by sending the air to the high pressure cylinders, it sends more air and pressure to the engine. This allows the engine to run more powerfully. The turbos in the vehicles work with the outlet pressures of the exhaust gases. Here, the turbo is not imm